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Professional Collection and Disposal of Paint Waste

Paint Disposal in the UK is controlled by the Environment Protection act 1990. Placing a duty of care on those who carry, produce or dispose of wastes.

All Waste Matters can offer your company the complete paint disposal service. From collection to disposal your waste paint is handled within latest regs.

We are a licensed paint disposal company based in the UK. We have our own collection vehicles and licensed paint recycling centre. This means your disposal of paint is done with minimum impact and traced to its eventual disposal.

Many broker firms have formed, using others to dispose of their clients waste. This means the disposal of paint could happen by anybody at any site. Not ideal! We collect any amounts of waste paint. We provide one offs or regular collections too.

What our Clients Say

Following some major building work at the university. we had several hundred kg’s of waste paint left over which needed to be disposed of promptly. After a quick call to All Waste the whole lot was gone 2 days later and I’d highly recommend their services.

Oxford University

They’ve totally revolutionised our HWRC’s! Now they’re always open and the waste is collected with no fuss , Every time.

County Council

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Waste Paint Disposal Guides

How To Dispose Of Paint

For households with small amounts of paint, you may be able to take your old paint tins to your council recycling centre.

With cost cutting in place throughout the UK the number of these centres accepting waste paint has dropped.

If you’re a business or have a large quantity of paint to dispose of, you need to ensure that your waste disposal follows waste hierarchy guidelines.

This is where a Waste Management Company such as All Waste Matters can help. We can advise on the best disposal routes. With 50 years experience you can rely on us to make your paint disposal problems a thing of the past.

How do I get a Quote for my left over paint?

For your free waste paint removal quotation please give us a quick call or email. Include a rough idea of the number of paint tins you need disposed of with an estimate of the amount of paint still left in them. We’ll get right back to you the very same day with a quotation for their disposal.

Where can I dispose of paint?

All commercial old paint must be disposed of by a fully licensed waste management company. The waste paint should be collected and transferred in accordance with latest legislation. Some recycling centres may take domestic paint for disposal.

Do recycling centres take paint?

Some recycling centres may still take paint for disposal. This would only apply for domestic waste paint and in most cases only non-hazardous liquids such as emulsion. You can check your local council website to see if this is permitted.

How do I dispose of unwanted paint?

By following the waste hierarchy guidelines of:

Reduce – Only buy what you really need for the job
Reuse – Use left over paint from previous jobs
Recycle – Recycling the paint into a new product
Recovery – Using the unwanted paint as fuel for waste to energy recovery
Disposal – Landfill and incineration without energy recovery

How do you dispose of Emulsion Paint?

Emulsion paint should be disposed of in the same way as gloss or solvent paints i.e. through re-use or high temperature incineration. Although it’s VOC level is considerably lower, this can still have negative impacts on the Environment.

Can I put empty paint tins in the bin?

If the empty paint tins are completely free from residue they may be disposed of in the bin. However, these will only end up at landfill sites so it would be much better to have them recycled with your other metal or plastic waste packaging.

Can you put paint in a skip?

Most waste paint is considered hazardous and as such should not be put in a skip. Traditional advice such as absorbing the material with sand is terrible for the environment as it leaches into the watercourses at landfill sites.