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Professional Collection and Disposal of Fluorescent Tube Lighting

Fluorescent Tube Disposal UK is governed by the Hazardous Waste Disposal Regulations.

It means your light tube disposal must be carried out by a licensed company. Commercial fluorescent light tubes can no longer be thrown out with the general waste.

In fact, just one fluorescent lamp can contain enough Mercury to contaminate 30,000 litres of water.

Our tube recycling services provide specialist storage boxes for your light bulbs. These we simply switch over for empty containers once full.

From regular lamp disposal collections to one-offs, we can safely dispose of all quantities.

We have no call centres but do have a knowledgeable team of experts with over 50 years experience at your disposal.

What our Clients Say

Following some major building work at the university. we had several hundred kg’s of waste paint left over which needed to be disposed of promptly. After a quick call to All Waste the whole lot was gone 2 days later and I’d highly recommend their services.

Oxford University

They’ve totally revolutionised our HWRC’s! Now they’re always open and the waste is collected with no fuss , Every time.

County Council

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Fluorescent Tube Disposal FAQ’s

If you’re a business or have a large quantity of Fluorescent Tubes to dispose of, you need to ensure that your waste disposal follows waste hierarchy guidelines. This is where a Waste Management Company such as All Waste Matters can help. With 50 years of experience, you can rely on us to make your Fluorescent Tube Recycling problems a thing of the past.

How do I dispose of Fluorescent Light Bulbs UK?

Fluorescent light tube disposal in the UK must be carried out by a licensed company. Old tubes should be safely stored in suitable containers prior to removal. At the time of collection you should be left with the relevant paperwork. This must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

Can I throw away Fluorescent Tubes?

Fluorescent tubes must never be thrown away in general rubbish. These end up in landfills and just one tube can contaminate huge quantities of drinking water.

As well as being terrible for the environment this process is now illegal.

Where Can I Recycle Fluorescent Light Tubes

For domestically produced light tubes, you may be able to return them to the store where they were purchased. Many retailers now offer this service free of charge.

For large quantities or commercially produced tubes, you must use a licensed waste management company.