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Here's What Our Happy Clients Have To Say
Lab Technician - Kent
"Tight school budgets meant we hadn't had a collection of our lab waste for several years. All Waste Matters were considerably cheaper than other quotes and as CLEAPSS Associate members it was reassuring to know they had all of the correct licences too "
Head of Science - Liverpool Academy
"So much easier getting a quote and they always collect when they say they will."

Laboratory Waste Disposal

All Waste Matters offer specialist laboratory waste disposal services to an extensive client base throughout the UK.

What started out as a lab waste disposal service for commercial labs has now been rolled out nationwide to a large customer base of schools, colleges and universities .

From our fully licensed waste management facility site here in Kent, we can offer a tailored laboratory waste disposal and collection service of any unwanted chemicals and smalls.

We collect with our own vehicles and our licensed laboratory waste disposal facility is frequently inspected by the Environment Agency. This is essential in providing our customers with complete peace of mind and ensuring the disposal of laboratory chemicals is treated in – keeping with all guidelines.

  • same day quotations

    We offer same day quotations based on the list of lab smalls you have for disposal

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    We offer some of the cheapest transport fees in the industry

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    We provide free non obligation quotations

Regrettably many waste brokering companies have sprung up in recent years subcontracting their customers waste to the cheapest bidder. Often with no idea if in fact these contractors are licensed to handle the disposal of chemical waste.

If in doubt please do contact the Environment Agency who will be able to tell you if the company has the correct licensing. As well as the obvious dangers to human health, as the producer of the waste it is your legal responsibility to ensure correct disposal and there have been prosecutions for individuals failing to carry out this duty of care.

“We know that disposing of these harmful chemicals safely can be both hazardous and expensive, which is why we’ve put together this simple step by step guide to help guide you through the complex parts and also why we hope you’ll choose us for your lab waste disposal requirements.”


Firstly we need to know exactly which laboratory wastes we’re dealing with. At this stage the more information you can give us the faster we’ll be able to arrange your quotation and book in your collection.

A list with the following information would be a huge help:

– Name of chemistry
– Quantity
– Location of collection
– Any preferred collection dates

Hopefully your lab technician should be able to help you compile this list, but if you do have any problems or queries we have chemists of our own ready to lend a helping hand so please just let us know.

Regrettably to ensure the collection is carried out safely and in-keeping with the latest Environmental Law and Legislation this information must be provided.

All Waste Management Companies need to have been provided this information prior to the collection in order to complete the Hazardous waste disposal consignment notes. Please be wary when dealing with a company if they neglect to ask you for these details.


The ‘dreaded quote’ !

Fortunately as many of our customers have found out our lab waste disposal costs are considerably cheaper than most if not all of our competitors, so this part is never as painful as you might expect.

How come?

In 2014 we have added incineration disposal options for our lab waste which now complement other neutralisation processes, ensuring our disposal routes are amongst the most environmentally friendly and cost effective in the business.


We aim to make the collection process as effortless as possible. If you have any special requirements such as out of hours collection requests please do let us know and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

Our collection driver will arrive at the agreed time and safely pack the lab waste in designated storage solutions appropriate for transport back to our recycling facility.

At the time of collection he will leave you all the relevant paperwork which you should retain for your records as proof of proper laboratory chemical disposal.

Get a quick quote.

Just wanting a competitive price with no fuss? Us too which is why we created our cutting edge quoting software. No pushy sales calls. No mailing list subscriptions. No 3rd parties. No call centres. Just our very best price within 24 hours of your enquiry. Send us your requirements, sit back and let us take care of it for you.  

All Waste Matters are pleased to now be working with Labexpert UK, a leading chemical audit software developer and are delighted to announce all of our customers can now receive 10% off their latest software.

The Home Office Secure Your Chemicals (SYC) guidance requires you to maintain records and regular audits of your chemicals. If you do not have such a system in place why not take a look at their chemical and equipment stock software to assist with your laboratory waste management.