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Over 50 Years Experience in  Waste Management & Disposal 

waste management service

All Waste Matters can offer your company the complete waste management service.

We have over 50 years experience in commercial waste collection and have some of the most competitive pricing in the UK.

Our quoting software allows us to offer you a free quote the same day as your enquiry.

With tighter restrictions on waste to landfill, waste management companies have had to work harder than ever to cope.

This has paved the way for new waste to energy plants. Through high incineration waste products are converted to energy and sent back to the National Grid.
The use of these facilities has allowed us to greatly reduce our waste sent to landfill. We have now targeted 2020 to reduce this waste to zero.

As one of the UK’s leading waste companies we can advise on waste reduction schemes. This is important for following the latest Waste Hierarchy guidelines aimed at reducing waste production.

Waste Management UK is governed by the Environment Agency. The environmental protection act 1990 was passed to help legislate this. It places a duty of care for anyone involved in producing, moving or treating waste products.

Later policies such as the Waste Hierarchy were drafted to help improve efficiency and reduce waste disposal. 

Total Waste Management

We can handle over 99% of all commercial wastes. Partnerships with other leading waste management companies allow us to offer a one-stop shop for all of your requirements.

Waste Management Service

When it comes to waste disposal there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all approach. This is why we can tailor collections and storage solutions to your needs. We have a variety of vehicles at our disposal, ensuring no collection is too large or small. Not every waste management company can offer this.


Commercial Waste Collection

Collections can be arranged online or by telephoning one of our service team. We have no call centres and offer an account manager familiar with your requirements.

Waste Management Kent

Based in Kent we offer a Nationwide waste disposal service. Our waste management facility is regularly audited and has an excellent compliance record.

All Waste Matters offer Waste Management to a large and diverse client base throughout the UK.

We provide a Nationwide collection service and all hold all relevant Environment Agency issued permits with copies available on request.
Effective and ethical Waste Disposal has become more and more challenging in recent years, with stringent legislation brought in to combat waste to landfill programs.

Here at All Waste Matters we are striving towards a zero waste to landfill policy by 2020 and are at the forefront of latest recycling techniques.

No matter your Waste Management requirements, large or small, liquid or solid wastes we're sure to be able to offer your company the complete waste disposal package.

We've saved over 19% per year on our Waste Management since making the swap to All Waste."

Ben Browne