solid waste management

50 Years Experience in Disposing of Solid Organic Waste

solid waste disposal

Some of the most challenging waste materials accepted for disposal at our facility involve those of the solid variety.
Where ever possible most of theses materials are recycled or used in our treatment process by using them in waste exchange systems as waste to energy. Landfill sites are only used as an absolutely last resort.

REDUCE – Reducing costs and your companies Environmental footprint

REUSE – Raw Materials can be reused in the current state to save on recycling costs

RECYCLE – Recyclable materials such as plastics can be treated and reused

We can arrange to visit your site and work through your production processes and help implement waste reduction schemes.

For any other wastes generated we can provide a free, same day non obligation quote for your waste treatment.

Recycling waste can be a tricky business so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

We have no call centres and are fully licensed with the Environment Agency with copies of our waste permits made available on request.
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Pleasure to deal with and their staff are super knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble and always on hand for advice

Tim Howard