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GoldGBP 36.78   per gram
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PlatinumGBP 21.93   per gram
PalladiumGBP 38.91   per gram
Jul 22 2019 12:16 EST

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Here's What Our Happy Clients Have To Say
Pharmaceutical Company - Hertfordshire
" Some examples of our materials treated for precious metal recovery include:- Spent carbon based catalysts and residues- Contaminated PPE, rags, filters etc- Pt thermocouple wires, catheters and laboratory ware- PM bearing sludges and complex residues"
Electonics Manufacturer
"From high grade prototype deconstruction to lower grade materials All Waste Matters wealth of experience ensure all of our precious metals are recovered efficiently and securely."
Electroplating Company - Berkshire
"All Waste Matters have been a huge help in us gaining our ISO 14001 accreditation. They arranged a full environmental survey and had samples of all our waste streams analysed at a laboratory to ensure our company now fully complies with the latest legislation. The staff are always courteous, friendly and on hand to lend their expert advice with any questions I may have regarding our hazardous waste disposal. A pleasure to deal with."


Precious metal refining or Metallurgy is the process of purifying an impure material into a pure one. Precious metal refining is very different from smelting because it does not involve a core chemical change of the raw material.
In refining, the final material is always chemically identical to the original material but in a purer form.
While refining is predominately used for Lead and Copper, products such as Silver and Gold are also purified in this way.
During these uncertain economic times investors have fallen back to the more stable commodities market, with precious metal prices (Gold and Silver in particular) rocketing as a result.


There are many places within a manufacturing procedure that may hide precious metal scraps. For example buffing, sanding or grinding of precious metals can cause scrap to be in the form of dust. This dust should be collected as it can often be found to be of high purity.
It is also important for manufacturers to be aware of procedures in their processes which may generate precious metal scrap suitable for recycling. By using All Waste Matters as your precious metal refiner you may be able to turn these seemingly insignificant scraps into profit.
As experts in precious metal refining All Waste Matters can arrange for one of our highly skilled members of staff to visit your site and help to identify processes in your manufacturing procedures which could be producing valuable scrap precious metal.
All Waste Matters offer specialist precious metal refining and reclamation services to leading companies in a number of industry sectors.

Precious metal reclamation – WHAT CAN ALL WASTE MATTERS OFFER?

From small one off precious metal refining jobs, to long standing recovery projects we can offer your company a superb service with the personal touch often found lacking in multi national precious metal recovery companies.

Based in the UK and with the majority of our precious metal recycling carried out here, we can deliver excellent turn around times with highly competitive prices to match.
Even if you’re unsure if we handle your particular industry, please do still contact us. Increasingly we are developing precious metal recovery processes for previously un-viable material.
As gold and silver refiners this enables us to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the worlds’ ever changing precious metal recycling needs.

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