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GoldGBP 29.30   per gram
SilverGBP 0.35   per gram
PlatinumGBP 20.14   per gram
PalladiumGBP 25.88   per gram
Sep 26 2018 00:55 EST

What Types Of Platinum Do You Recycle?

As specialist platinum refiners you can rest assured that your PGM scrap is handled by All Waste Matters in keeping with and in most cases exceeding recommended guidelines.   The waste and scrap sources we are currently recovering hidden and previously un-viable platinum are vast and varied, but to name just a few:

- Bars & ingots

- Flakes & grain

- Sponge & powders

- Wire & gauze

- Crucibles

- Laboratory wire

- Thermocouple wire

- Targets

- Medical equipment

- Aqua Regia Solutions

This is by no means an exhaustive list and we are constantly researching new materials for platinum refining, so no matter how doubtful it seems that we’ll be able to help it’s certainly worth contacting us.   We always love to be asked the question and where ever possible provide the solution, which is possibly why we are now one of the UK’s number one Platinum refiners.

How Much Is A Quote?

We can offer a no obligation sampling and assaying service to ascertain your materials Platinum content and suitability for recovery.   Following on from this we can advise on the best extraction technique we can offer, be it by using chemical recovery or by smelting in temperatures of over 1200 C to remove impurities and unwanted materials.   At this stage we’ll be able to outline the fees for the Platinum refining and go through with you the expected out turns.

How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

Upon successful agreement of the refining terms we can usually process and turnaround the job within 2 weeks which makes us by far one of the most efficient precious metal refiners in the UK.

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Here's What Our Happy Clients Have To Say
Electonics Manufacturer
"From high grade prototype deconstruction to lower grade materials All Waste Matters wealth of experience ensure all of our precious metals are recovered efficiently and securely."
Pharmaceutical Company - Hertfordshire
" Some examples of our materials treated for precious metal recovery include:- Spent carbon based catalysts and residues- Contaminated PPE, rags, filters etc- Pt thermocouple wires, catheters and laboratory ware- PM bearing sludges and complex residues"
Electroplating Company - Berkshire
"All Waste Matters have been a huge help in us gaining our ISO 14001 accreditation. They arranged a full environmental survey and had samples of all our waste streams analysed at a laboratory to ensure our company now fully complies with the latest legislation. The staff are always courteous, friendly and on hand to lend their expert advice with any questions I may have regarding our hazardous waste disposal. A pleasure to deal with."