Paint tin disposal 

We are a fully licensed paint disposal company and operate our own collection vehicles and fully licensed paint recycling facility. This ensures your disposal of paint is carried out with minimum impact to the environment and has full traceability as to its eventual disposal. 


Traditional advice on how to dispose of paint involved soaking up the liquid with absorbents such as sand and sending it to landfill.

This practice is now dated, terrible for the environment and in some cases illegal.

Disposing of paint tins is a growing problem,. We use all of our 50 years experience in Waste Management, to make this as effortless as possible for our customers.

Our recycling centre is fully licensed with the Environment Agency and we offer a nationwide collection service to an extensive client base throughout the UK.

The types of paint tins we can successfully dispose of for you include:

- Household Paint
- Industrial Paint
- Water based Paint
- Solvent based Paint
- Household Paint
- Liquid Paint
- Solid Paint

Old Paint Can Disposal

How do you dispose of old tins of paint?

We use high temperature waste to energy plants to convert the old tins of paint into reusable energy, which is sent directly back to the national grid.

Disposing of paint tins – Where to dispose of paint

If you’re a non-commercial household, you may be able to take your old paint to your local tip. However, it would well be worth checking on your local county council website first.

With local councils looking to cut costs many tips and refuse sites are no longer accepting paint waste at their recycling centres. Because of this we have now rolled out our services to include household waste holders and are happy to quote on both commercial and household enquiries.

We offer same-day quotations and have no minimum quantity to qualify for a collection, so please contact us today to organise your old paint disposal.