Which Industries Do You Cover?


All Waste Matters offer specialist precious metal refining services a number of industry sectors including:


  • Manufacturing industry
  • Electroplating
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical


How Does It Work?


As gold and silver refiners we are able to offer a free sample and assay service on all precious received, with countless tests performed at a laboratory to ensure we achieve the best value for money on all precious metal recovery.

The majority of silver recovery is achieved through our treatment of photographic wastes, such as bleach fixer, black & white fixer, waste x-rays and film. However we also have the specialist facilities and know-how to recover silver from mirroring companies and achieve precious metal recovery from computer scrap, dental wastes and jewellery manufacturers.



Jewellery Manufacturers 
Not only can we treat the hazardous liquid waste used in the typical jewellery manufacturing process at a fully licensed hazardous waste disposal facility, but we can also achieve complete precious metal recycling from any high value metals that may be present in the liquid.


Mirror Manufacturers
Waste silver from the mirroring process can be collected free of charge. Assay results usually show a high silver content, which allows us to make payment for silver recovered within 7 working days.


Non Destructive Testing
The continued use of high quality films by the non destructive testing industry can allow for lucrative silver returns for our customers. On site silver recovery equipment can be supplied or silver bearing wastes can be collected for treatment and recycling at our licensed hazardous waste recycling facilities.

It is also important for manufacturers to be aware of procedures in their processes which may generate precious metal scrap suitable for recycling, often in the form of dust.


By using All Waste Matters as your precious metal refiner you may be able to turn these seemingly insignificant scraps into profit.


What Else Can You Recycle?

Printed Circuit Board Recycling
Our prices for your scrap circuit boards are incredibly competitive and a free collection service for your circuit board disposal and computer scrap can be arranged on request.
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Dental Scrap
All Waste Matters will pay for all damaged gold, deteriorating gold or scrap dental gold, regardless of size, quality or condition. Amalgam waste disposal can also be arranged at our hazardous waste disposal facilities, where by we recycle the mercury and recover any silver present.
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Silver Recovery From Film


While recycling scrap film in accordance with the latest legislation, we can recover the silver content which mitigates the disposal costs.
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