About Our X-Ray Silver Recovery


Increased costs of industrial x-ray films are making it even more important to ensure your company is receiving maximum returns for your waste fixer, waste films and other silver bearing waste.


We can arrange a free sample to be independently assayed to check for precise silver concentrations; our current analytical contractor is Southern Water with analytical reports available on request.


From this result we would then make an offer based on the LME, with treatment costs already worked in to ensure complete transparency.


If this offer is accepted we would then arrange a free waste collection at a time suitable to yourselves.


Upon collection, payment is credited within 3 working days by method of your choosing.


How Else Can We Help?


Additionally, All Waste Matters are also suppliers of the very latest in on-site silver recovery equipment.


These silver recovery units can be plumbed directly onto your industrial radiography machines and allow for treatment of waste fixer to be carried out at your premises, eliminating any current storage issues as silver concentrations will be vastly below even the most stringent discharge levels.


The initial outlay for these silver recovery units can quickly be recouped due to the high grade silver recovered, which we can also refine for you.


More more information on our silver recovery units please visit the equipment section on this website.


Many of our non-destructive testing customers are more than happy to be contacted for references and in fact the vast majority of our customer base has been built up through these referrals.


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