We can supply a range of hazardous waste recycling and chemical waste disposal equipment with full installation and maintenance services.


In particular silver recovery units can prove to be an excellent investment and quickly return the initial outlay due to the high grade silver recovered.

Generally we would recommend the RU4 and ARU units for use with black and white fixer and x - ray machines (both medical and from the non destructive testing industry), while the excellent Metafix Micro E Control unit would be the silver recovery unit to use with waste photographic chemicals such as bleach fixer.



Metafix Micro e-Control Lab Effluent Management / Silver Recovery System 


This piece of equipment is the most advanced, easy-to operate, and attractive effluent management / silver recovery system on the market today

All of our silver recovery equipment will ensure silver concentrations are down to less than one part per million following treatment. This will ensure chemical waste disposal levels will meet the most stringent parameters set by local water boards.


Metafix ON-LINE Series 


With added fixer reduction and silver recovery systems with new state of the art engineering, these systems offer both environmental and economic benefits.


Other Equipment



This piece of equipment is a semi-automatic silver recovery unit for low volume applications delivering fixer solutions.


This silver recovery unit automatically controls and optimises plating current as the silver concentration varies in the fixer solution.

CPAC ARU-2100 

This silver recovery unit features state of the art microprocessor controls, digital display and keypad for easy information storage.


What Is Climate Care?

To take responsibility for our impact on the climate, we are offsetting the carbon emissions from our business with Climate Care. To find out more about Climate Care and its projects, see www.climatecare.org.


Fed up with manually draining photo waste from your processors?
Bulky chemical waste containers cluttering up your photo lab?


If so All Waste Matters can supply and install a fully automated on-site Silver recovery and photographic waste treatment facility. Find out more about The Micro e-Control lab.


Initial outlay for Micro e-Control lab can often be recouped inside 12 months due to high silver recovery returns and the saving on chemical collections.


In addition photo shops fitted with the Micro e-Control can now be registered as exempt under the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 act due to less hazardous waste being collected.



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