Product destruction services 

Secure & confidential destruction through high temperature incineration.

Disposal and Destruction of goods:

All Waste Matters work closely with many transport, port authorities and insurance companies to help safely dispose of contaminated, quarantined and seized goods, providing a comprehensive and secure destruction service via high temperature incineration.

The types of goods coming into our facility for secure disposal are vast and exhaustive but just some examples include:

– Out of date beauty products
– Expired foodstuffs
– Quarantined products from HMRC
– Loads unknowingly transported with people 
– Goods and toys not conforming to H&S standards
– Contaminated loads
– Counterfeit products
– Discontinued products
– Unclaimed cargo
Right from the initial discovery of problems with a shipment we understand that speed and effective communication are vital in preventing a problem from turning into a full on disaster and this is where we excel above all others in the industry.

Through your description of the contaminated or quarantined products we can provide you with a same day quotation and arrange a day for delivery or collection of the goods to our secure waste disposal facility. In a traditionally slow response industry we believe this sets us apart, allowing your transporters, delivery drivers or storage centres to get back to normal as soon as possible.


From your initial enquiry right through to the goods final destruction, you can rest assured that the handling of your goods is done so with the up most confidentiality and professionalism.

Certificate of Destruction

Following the successful incineration of your products we provide a full certificate of destruction to guarantee the products are no longer able to enter the marketplace.

Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed and regularly audited by the Environment Agency, with full copies of our licenses made available upon request.

All Waste are always my first call when a shipment comes into the harbour which we need securely disposed of in a hurry!!

dave Judd

Port Authority Site Manager