7 Tips to manage your chemical waste disposal

Hazardous Waste collection and disposal

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Hazardous Waste Regulations

Hazardous Waste Regulations In England & Scotland Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 controls Hazardous waste and its disposal in England & Wales and governs all businesses who want to dispose of hazardous waste in these countries.   Hazardous Waste regulations July 2005 were brought in to replace the old Special Waste Regulations of 1996 and are enforced by the Environment Agency . Under these …

New Waste Crime Sentencing Guidelines & Legislation 2014

Don’t Do The Crime… It (Really) Ain’t Worth The Time!     Here at All Waste Matters, we’ve seen some pretty radical changes to waste management and recycling legislation during the 30 or so years that we’ve been servicing businesses all over the UK.   In that sense, we are the wisened old owl perched on the legislation branch, anticipating …

One Man’s Rubbish Is Another Man’s Gold

Gold Smelting services

(Quite Literally In This Case!) For over 20 years Africa has been the illegal dumping ground for millions of tonnes of exported Electronic Waste and with a further increase predicted of over 30% in the next 4 years this is an ever growing problem.   However a soon to start up South African company with the help from UK based …