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We’re more than happy to provide a like for like price comparison with your existing supplier and in most cases can visit your site for free of charge to conduct a full waste audit, which in many cases help to minimise waste disposal costs.
While we are predominantly specialists in collecting and recycling hazardous waste produced from the educational, printing, electronic and healthcare industries, our vast experience in waste management allows us to deal with 99% of all known Hazardous waste.

From humble beginnings, our family owned and operated business has grown to become one of the key players in the hazardous waste recycling industry, servicing an ever expanding nationwide client base.

Far from forgetting our roots during this expansion, we have endeavoured to stay true to our values, offering our clients an excellent hazardous waste recycling and chemical waste disposal service, delivered with the personal touch they have come to expect.

This is why we don’t believe in using call centres to keep in touch with our customers; each of our clients has an experienced account manager familiar with their requirements, ensuring the highest level of service time and time again.

We firmly believe that good business is built on good relationships and that if you don’t understand people, you really can’t understand business.

More than 1500 happy customers!

With our grass roots established in recycling printing waste, waste paint disposal and laboratory waste disposal, we have now greatly expanded our services to help meet the UK’s ever growing hazardous waste and chemical waste disposal requirements from many industries.

Our circuit board recycling services enable us to recover precious metals and non-precious metals and pass these returns back on to our customers; we offer a free circuit board collection service.

Silver refining recovered from photographic films and industrial x-rays was our entry into the precious metals market, which now sees us recovering precious metals from virtually every conceivable Industry.

With over 50 years experience in Hazardous Waste recycling, we’ve seen many changes in the way waste must be handled.

This is why we’ve always stayed at the forefront of any updates to legislation to ensure that our clients’ hazardous waste is dealt with legally, and in keeping with even the most stringent regulations.
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