Solid Waste Management

Some of the most challenging waste products accepted for disposal at our facility involve those of the solid variety.

Where ever possible most of theses materials are recycled or used in our treatment process by using them in waste exchange systems as fuel for incinerators. Any unsuitable materials for these processes are then destined for landfill.


How much is disposal?


The huge diversity of these products makes it impossible to have a uniform disposal price, but our vast experience in Waste Management mean there aren’t many waste products new to us so we should be able to give you a price the very same day.


How quick can you collect?


Our turnaround times our usually within 7 working days of the collection being booked in with one of our logistic managers. Emergency collections can often be accommodated so please let us know your requirements at the time of our disposal quote being successful.


Loading space is an issue, what size vehicles do you have?


We have various sized vehicles at our disposal so we can usually provide a suitable vehicle for almost any job.



Our key solid waste disposal services include:

–       Nationwide collection service

–       Free no obligation quotes – we aim to supply a valid 30 day quote within 24 hours

–       Replacement storage containers can be supplied where required

–       No minimum quantity necessary for collection



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