Scrap Silver

GoldGBP 30.30   per gram
SilverGBP 0.39   per gram
PlatinumGBP 21.78   per gram
PalladiumGBP 24.32   per gram
Dec 18 2017 11:44 EST

Scrap Silver Recovery & Refinery


Many companies produce excess silver from their manufacturing process, and more often than not, this is simply disposed of in the traditional sense, or left in bins perpetually

until something gives.


The main issue here? Almost all of this scrap silver could be generating your company money, rather than lying around unused.


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What A Waste!


Every time we go to visit our clients on a precious metal refining job, they are stunned that this pile of what they considered to be scrap waste is worth any money – often, their eyes light up once we give them a quote.


Wondering if we can recover and refine the type of silver that you have on site?


The types of silver that we can recycle include:


Steel wool residue

Commercial x-ray film

Silver bullion

Silver flake

Silver trimmings from manufacture

Silver sheets

Medical x-ray film

Photographic film (and film waste)

Silver pastes

Ion exchange resin

Silver inks