In keeping with the Waste hierarchies ‘Reduce, reuse & recycle’ policy our industrial waste management services focus greatly on these ideals, meaning we actively work with our customers to reduce the waste they produce.




We offer free environmental site surveys to all of our customers, where one of our team can visit your premises and work with you to spot areas in manufacturing which could be producing unnecessary waste products, reducing disposal costs and your company’s foot print on the environment.


Particular success stories in the past have been helping with companies stock systems. A large proportion of the industrial waste we’re called into deal with are actually out of date or newly redundant stock and by tightening up these processes big savings can be made on purchasing and disposal costs.




Most of our reuse systems involve the use of products as a waste exchange whereby the waste product of one process becomes the raw material for a second process. A great example of this would be our use of some flammable waste products as a fuel for incinerators.





Recycling a product involves breaking it down into its raw materials which can then be made into something completely different.

Interestingly large scale recycling was mostly introduced as a result of the World Wars where by heavy use of some materials left huge shortages of supplies, in particular metals and paper.


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